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Psalm 137

Psalm 137


Just to be able to appreciate how one can perform a simple Psalm - ès maisons, at home (not in the ecclesial liturgy according to Calvin, but of course nowadays one is free to decide otherwise) - using appropriate instruments, one Psalm (divided in 5 stanzas, all performed differently).

From the CD "Les Matines de Paris, musique de l'époque des guerres de religion" by Ensemble Walsingham (now Le Trésor d'Orphée)


1ste stanza: melody only
2nd stanza: voice, harp and lutes - Goudimel (simple setting)
3rd stanza: viols, bass recorder, lute and harp (Goudimel - embellished counterpoint - fr: contrepoint fleuri)
4th stanza: voice and lute - Adrian Le Roy (Lute tablature)
5th stanza: voice, viols, recorder, lute and harp (Goudimel - bis)

To be able to follow the text and the melody: psalm 137 from the Psaumes Octantetrois edition of 1554. [interesting detail: there is a difference in the final lines. The soprano sings " ta mamelle impure / pour les froisser contre la pierre dure". This is the original text of Marot (all mss, eds. 1539, 1542, 1543-Roffet). In the 1543-Geneva edition this was changed in what is printed below. The original however was restored in 1562].