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Double Speech
Some key texts, written by Marot, deserve publication. Of course they are available in critical editions, and even in 'raw' versions on the internet. But a text always needs a context and preferably some intertext to begin to speak. To provide interested readers with some basic material and information, I plan to publish some of my own transcriptions and notes of key texts from the Oeuvres of Clément Marot and perhaps later also of some others, like De Bèze.

To make a start: some poems from the mid 1530s deserve special attention, because they have survived in different versions, thus allowing the reader to 'look over the shoulder of the author'. The poems are:

: Recently Guillaume Berthon has done the job properly (comparing the different versions, consulting and analysing the original manuscripts). The results will be published in a new monography on Renée de Ferrare...

For a general introduction on these poems (historical background and a general analysis of the contents):


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